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Friday, October 07, 2005


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A prediction: The Phils trade Floyd as part of a package deal either in the offseason or next July, and three or four years from now, he turns in to the next Adam Eaton.

Turning into the next Adam Eaton can hardly be a bad thing. He was okay when he left, and he's not much better now. It might have chopped a couple of mill off our payroll if we'd kept him, but it's hardly a horrible trade. In my ranting about phils pitchers who we've developed from draft to majors, I've left eaton out, and yes, he's a servicable 4 or 5 in your rotation. Nothing more.

I haven't written Floyd off, but it is all mental with him. If he can just get his confidence going, I think he'll be OK. With Hamels, you just have to think, OK, that is it with the freak injuries right? Really, there isn't a common thread among any of them.

Unfortunately, there is a common thread to Hamels' injuries. It's been all elbow and back problems. Back spasms are the reason he missed the last half of the 2005 season, a problem that was first reported in 2003.

As for his injury that happened in high school, Baseball Prospectus reported that he slammed into a parked pickup truck during a pickup football game. He had soreness but still pitched. Three weeks later, his arm snapped on a fastball, breaking his humerous bone. He missed his entire junior season but pitched well as a senior.

Since that time, he's had tendonitis and another unrelated elbow injuries.

I'm not sure whether they are being overly cautious because he's so young. All I know is Hamels has missed a significant amount of time. Hopefully ... smooth sailing from here.

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