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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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maybe its not the curse of philly beingon the ocver, but the curse of yao!

thanks for the nod. doesn't seem like 13-12, does it? they took 5 of 7 from the braves, anyway.

13-12 is a real shocker. I'd have guessed 16-9 or 17-8.

It is kind of shocking, but don't forget they lost 5 straight in the first seven days of the month. Forget what happened against the Mets Monday and Tuesday night, it was those 5 games that sealed the Pennant chase.

On another note... watching Bobby Abreu hobble around all month, why wouldn't Elmer BeFuddled give Shane Victorino some starts in Center moving Michaels to Right on non-Lofton nights, just to give Bobby a night or two off. Same for Chase who could have used a night off earlier this month.

Both of those guys needed breathers this month and Manuel failed to recognize it.

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