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Thursday, September 22, 2005


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It's kinda funny, when the news came out about Hunter expecting to be traded, I immediately thougght, "Thome!"....We'd take all of Hunter's salary, and keep part of Thome' does that sound Terry Ryan?

WOW!!! That was fun...Every time the phils seem dead they fight back. I watched the whole game and came out very very impressed with Rollins, who has been somehow transformed in the last 2 months. Unimpressed with Myers, its almost like the pitcher we saw in 2004

Can we now say that R Howard IS the phils 1st baseman?? I feel bad for Thome, but he's got about $30+ million friends.. THe THome/Howard thing going forward is going to be very interesting.

I also think the Astros almost coming apart against the pirates bodes well for phils if they can keep up the pressure. We need a bonafide start from one of our guys in the next few days

BTW...that was a great ab by good old bobby abre-me last nite!! Another TERRIBLE ab in a big spot. Case Closed on him?

Ken, today so far, Abreu has gone 1 for 2 with a walk, while Howard hasn't been on base. Case closed Howard? He's been TERRIBLE today.

Point Pawnking. 9th inning: 4 runs in, set up by Abreu's leadoff walk.

Tucker delivers big 2-out RBI, his second big hit as a Phillie, making the trade totally worth it. I set the bar at two big hits. He's done it.

Victorino 3-run shot. Future of CF?

pawn....oops 9th inning here comes howard!

at least we're rooting for the same team

Good point, Ken. We are both rooting for the Phils, so quit bad mouthing the best player on the team!


i AGREE WITH YOU!!!! HE is the best player on the team!!!!!!

HOWEVER, he sure seems to put in some pretty weak efforts in some key spots. I'm sorry but that double play at bat last nite was a POOR EFFORT on his part. HE SHOULD BE BETTER!@!!!! THAT IS MY POINT!!!

ok...whew agree to disagree

here is my official depressing stat
phils go 7-2 in last nine games..astros only need 5-4 for the tie...

did i hear right that a playoff single game would be in philly?

cmon vincente!!!

Hunter for Howard? In their dreams. And with the potential emergence of Shane Victorino, even less likely. Howard isn't going anywhere.

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