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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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I was actually tinkering with a post about just this very fact. It occurred to me that his homeruns rarely look like the type that are pulled rockets. They always look like high deep flies that somehow make their way out. Plus, he is one of the few guys I can recall hitting homers to dead center at CBP.

You can view a spray chart of Ryan Howard's hits on It's interesting to see where he hits each type of ball. Basically every home run and fly out is to the left side of the field while every double and single is to the right. This seems to indiciate to me that when he hits the ball to the oppositte field he gets under it while when he pulls it he hits it harder. Unfortunately this is only for CBP and there's no global type option.

TG: I don't know if he is one of the "few guys", but Lance Berkman sent one there last night.

great stat. i was thinking about this last night, too.

Funny how Berkman hit one to dead center, and Howard pulled one to right-center last night. But I don't want to talk about last night...

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