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Thursday, September 01, 2005


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Your remark about the impact of Utley's two homeruns is right on target. His second, that titanic dead-center shot, was a dagger in the heart for the Mets.

When Utley hit that second homer I was just about calmed down from the unbelievable catches Lofton made in the 6th. Could anyone else on the Phils could have made those over-the-shoulder stabs?

I'm thrilled with what the Phils have in Howard, but Francoeur is ahead of him in my mind.

Jason, that is some fine writing.

Not only could no one else have made those catches, Cutgrass, not even Lofton has been making them this season. Two in one inning after playing such mediocre defense for much of the year underscores the notion that anything can happen in a pennant race...and usually does.

As for Francoeur vs. Howard...

Howard had a much bigger hole to fill and far more pressure on him to do so. Francoeur may be ahead of him statistically, but not in the guts and heart department.

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