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Saturday, September 17, 2005


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It's been a while since I saw Geary pitch, but I watched him in the loss to the braves and he seemed to be throwing his breaking stuff very crisply and with great confidence. Given how he started this year, that's a real improvement. I am beginning to wonder whether rich dubee is going to be one of the biggest differences to to this season. He's got a lot to fiddle with, but our bullpen seems to be showing the benefit. Young guys pitch with confidence, fultz comes to us and pitches far more effectively , and now this with Geary. I'm dying to know what the pitching staff make of him.

OK, since you are reading comments on your cell and it's a weekend, this should not cost you anything extra. The Phils are starting to resemble a charmed team, not a lucky one. Guys step in and up like Ramon Martinez the other night and Michael Tucker (finally) last night. Everyone is contributing. I have a really good feeling about them, all the more extraordinary when one considers what a mess their starting rotation really is. I give Cholly a lot of credit, too. When push came to shove he showed what he is made of.

I must say that even though I'm not overenthralled with CM, he has done an excellent job with the 'pen pitchers.

It's about time that Tucker did something! I was wondering if the guy would ever come through.

Go Phils (and Lions)!

I was at the game where Martinez hit the grand slam - great stuff. Kudos to Geary and Fultz but especially to Rollins and Lieber..If we get this kind of pitching down the stretch, LOOK OUT! GO PHILS (and LIONS - we have alumni in our family too)


I didn't go to Penn State but I couldn't help but urge the Lions on (much of my family did go to PSU, and I would like to point out that JMU has had more national football championships in this century that PSU)....Anyway, the real reason I'm commenting is that it is kind of ironic, on Thursday night at the game, Jason and I were discussing how Tucker has brought nothing to the team so far, and then Friday night he gets the big hit!

OK, TG, you are the new RC go-to guy. I resigned this morning in my first post of the day. See the conclusion of that post in my advice to Jason. In the second one of the day I confirmed my resignation. The job is officially open for the taking.

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