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Thursday, September 15, 2005


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Myers is SOOOOO important tonite... myers has had some ups/downs over last couple yrs.. came out the gate wonderfully couple yrs ago and obviously struggled so badly last yr their were questions.. after his great start this year, he cooled and has pitched erratically in big games... bottom line if phils are really gonna compete in this thing myers has to come thru...fingers are crossed..

then its lieber against fins, and then we run into willis and beckett...yikes..these next 2 games are H - U - G - E

Good to see Fultz get the credit he so richly deserves. He has indeed been a wonderful find for the Phils, more than making up for Cormier's continuing collapse.

If the crowd booed Martinez when he was announced in the line-up, they should be smacked. Too many dumb-fan reactions these days at the ballpark by fans who seem to get their 'tudes and opinions fed to them by that negative know-nothing sports station in Philly.

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