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Thursday, September 22, 2005


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Looks like John Donovan over at SI has finally caught up with Howard -

"Howard's biggest hit of the season came Wednesday when he crunched a clutch ninth-inning grand slam at Turner Field that beat the Braves, 10-6. The win kept the Phillies, who haven't been to the postseason since 1993, two games behind the Astros in the wild-card race. It was Howard's third game-winning homer of the year, two of which have been grand slams.

For those paying attention: That's Rookie of the Year material".

Your boss is almost as nice as mine. My boss let me watch from the first inning on.

Is it just me or does Wheels say Victorino was the Eastern League MVP every night?

On XM Satellite - they have been talking up Howard all week on the national show in the afternoon..they see him as a potential super duper star and are hyping him for rookie of the year

btw, if you dont have it , it is loads of fun to listen to the other teams even get some of the commercials.

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