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Thursday, September 29, 2005


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First of all, averaging 10.5 game margins is just unbelievable.

Second, you write, "Carlos Ruiz could find work as a part time catcher with Mike Lieberthal and Todd Pratt one step closer to retirement." I like the idea of giving Ruiz some time too, but do you think the Phils would carry 3 catchers? I sort of doubt it because it is way too unconventional. So, do we say goodbye to Tank or does Ruiz languish in SWB?

It would depend on whether they bring back Pratt. It's possible that they will decide in spring it's time to groom a young catcher. I believe Lieberthal and Pratt are the oldest tandem in baseball. Ruiz is a pretty good hitter and was used mainly as a DH after his broken leg. He could make the team as a bat off the bench anyway, even if they keep Pratt and Lieberthal.

Re-signing Pratt this past off-season was something of a surprise and a coup insofar as he was expected to move on. At 38 and counting he may decide he's had enough. He looked worn out the last few weeks even playing part-time. He doesn seem to have a pretty good effect on the pitchers, but I don't think the Phillies can afford to carry both Pratt and Lieberthal next season. They have to have a younger guy in the mix.

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