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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


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I think road/home splits can be useful, and in some pitchers turf/grass can be useful too (groundball pitchers), but do you think day/night splits are anything more than randomness?

No I don't. I've heard a lot of players say they can see the ball better in the day. I remember it was a big issue with Marlon Anderson when he was here. Surprisingly, this season he's hitting better at night, but all through his career he's been better during the day.

As far as Lidle, last year

D: 3.84
N: 5.81

And in 2003

D: 4.78
N: 6.11

2002 he was better at night!

D: 4.19
N: 3.76

For his career, 4.76 night, 4.23 day. Other factors to consider with ERA should include backing defense. Does a defense play better during the day? I'd guess yes. There's probably a stat somewhere.

Ramirez's ERA is going to take a nice jump this evening Jason - can't believe we've tagged the Braves for 7 runs in 3 innings. Hopefully we can wear down their bullpen a bit now.

I'm amazed the way this series is unfolding...

I think it's a devious plan to prevent me getting back to normal sleep patterns after the Book Festival . . .

And while I'm on the topic, it's just as well that the game is exciting, cos I'm looking at MLB.COM broadcasting bloody FSN South, AKA effin sucks network, with such awesome commentary as 'it's amazing how much better a better hits when they get ahead in the count.'

ohhhhhhh . . .

Yup. They even swap out Howard for the right-hander Martinez (to the crowd's displeasure) and he rewards them with a GS. Everything is going right. So far, another A+ effort, with Jimmy Rollins kicking it all off with a double.

We're liking that walk by burrell. He looked very sure of himself. C'mon Clutchly.

Here's hoping Myers is good for 7 or 8 tomorrow - Fultz is going into his second inning now, and could probably do with a break prior to Florida.

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