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Monday, September 12, 2005


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Jason, Jason, Jason...I give you a great tip on Cantu and you drop him after a week? He had a helluva season...I'm in a keeper league, and I need to decide if I should keep him for next year or not...One year wonder or a future superstar?

well, at least you made the playoffs unlike last season's champion.

oh yeah, and i should have traded you kazuo early on like you wanted.

I really wanted Abreu, but he was taken 5th or something. My next choice would have been Santana, then he was taken. Next on my list was Bonds, and if he wasn't there, I would have taken Helton. Helton fell to you in the second round (20th overall), and I called it "the biggest travesty in fantasy baseball history." Yeah, I was pretty clueless this season.

HAHA! That too! I forgot about that. The deal was Feliz for Kaz, who you dropped mid-season.

I forgot one other guy I came real close to picking up - Brian Roberts. Blew that one, too.

although, to be fair, helton has turned it on as of late. not that it helped me out at all. definitely should have made the kaz trade though. good thing i led the charge to keep texiera off your team.

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