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Sunday, September 25, 2005


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Do you think they are picking up on Madson's change-up better because his fastball velocity is down because he is tired? In other words, there isn't as big a difference in the two pitches. And by the way, didn't we all worry about this about a month and a half ago?

TG: I cannot tell if he is throwing the change as often as he did earlier in the season. Perhaps he doesn't trust it as much. I also think the velocity on his fastball is not the biggest problem with that pitch; I don't think it has much movement, and without that it is very hittable. Maybe overuse has effected that aspect of his fastball.

Like a lot of fastball-changeup guys, once they lose command, they're screwed. Madson has been a foot off the plate some nights. He needs to get that changeup over to buckle hitters for called strikes or to make them chase on a pitch that looks like a fastball coming over the zone. That's his primary problem. In addition, it appears that hitters have a clean read on him.

In terms of how he's been used, just because he's young, doesn't mean he can last. That was the Phillies mistake this season. He was hurt last season, and he's apparently hurt now. He's not a workhorse.

calling gene mauch...

to me, he just doesnt have the same control of his pitches and i think that's been a little of problem all yr for him..i recall some mid summer games where he uncorked a wild pitch or hit a guy in a key spot..just this yr he's struggled a bit..

lately its obvious as you all have pointed out that he is out of its gotta be fultz, urbina wagner..question is will the phillies do it that way..

as down on cormier as we all are, he got some key outs in the 11-10 game on friday.

what a weekend...if you told me friday morning 1 game out monday, i would have taken it.

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