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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


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I don't disagree with letting Milwood go, however. Yes, we knew he was better than his record, but I do believe that this was truly one of those personality things with the Philly organization. I'm not unhappy at all with our pitching staff, even though we don't have an "ace." The FIP numbers are pretty good, and if this staff pitched half their games in the Nationals' home park, some of them would be getting Cy Young consideration. I don't want to revisit the whole CBP Bandbox arguement here, but I think we'll all agree that Washington plays in a pitchers' paradise. Also, Millwood's FIP is almost 1 run higher than his ERA, incidating he's getting a lot of help. The player who pretty much replaced Millwood, Lidle has put up pretty comperable FIP numbers to Millwood (if that means anything), and cost quite a bit less. Personally, I think Wade deserves quite a bit of credit for landing him for, what, $3,000,000? Well done, Wade.

I'm cool with the Lidle move, too. He's a nice fifth starter, and for the most part has been stingy with homers. It's also a nice, short and cheap deal. It's, like, the only such contract Ed Wade has ever offered.

Nice to see Paul Byrd continue to be underrated and doing well. I really liked him as a player when he was pitching for us and have had a soft spot for the guy ever since.

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