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Friday, September 23, 2005


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Jason, a well put article.

What more could be expected when one looks at the history of the franchise in this town? We are very cynical and are reluctant to grasp this crew close to our hearts because of getting burned soooooooooooooo many times in the past.

Even if/when they make the playoffs, CM's managerial gamesmanship will be in question. I will begrudgingly admit that the laid back atmosphere has played a large part in the playoff surge.

Here's hoping for an Astro loss and a Phils win tonight! Go Cubs, go Phils!

i like the fact that they're doing it without the support of their fans. they're earning this one on their own and for that we will respect them.

This business of not having the support of their fans is not only old hat, its a red herring. Attendance at the last series they played at home suffered to some degree from football competition, the start of the school year (night games are tough for school kids during the week), and the normal amount of Philadelphia reticence regarding this team.

But the real issue is that the drop-off in attendance in September isn't a local phenomenon. Take a look at the US map on any ESPN poll asking which of the three, MLB, NCAA football, or NFL football will the respondents be watching most closely this weekend and the majority prefer the football choices. Only New England and Ohio preferred the baseball option and not by such a wide margin.

Enough of this crap about Philadelphia fans.

Beerleaguer has once again framed a deadly accurate, well articulated analysis. I'd file it under "sad but true".

Watching the Braves fans last night here in Atlanta was unbelieveable. To a certain extent, I truly believe they were a part of the Braves come from behind win. And to be honest, I was jealous. I want phans to be that way too.


I'd like to respond a little to that.. which fan is better???? one who expects and cheers his/her team on and every year for 13 STINKIN YEARS the team wins..
well you get the drift...i cheer phils on, i really dislike some of the things mgmt has done, think manuel is a nice guy but has basically cost the phils at least 5 games.. so i boo when they lose, and i cheer when they win. what can possibly be wrong with that... i was there when rollins tripped over 1st base...the crowd exploded!!!!!! when he hit that ball, and then sat stunned with a "here we go again" feeling when he didnt score...btw..we were ALL CHEERING OUR BUTTS OFF as j-roll got stranded and didnt score,,,then we booed..

my answer to my own question.. passion is better.. phils fans are MORE passionate ..right up there with nYers and Red sox nation... i'll take our fans over atlanta any day


A fascinating and well written post, Jason. Not sure I agree with all of it, but it gave me a lot to think about.

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