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Friday, September 30, 2005


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Fire yp that HI DEF, my man.


You know what I meant.

Hi-def Phillies is one of the greatest inventions of all time. You never truly realize how much Ryan Howard sweats, or how much stubble is on Cory Lidle's neck. It makes my outrageous paycheck-eating cable bill totally worth it. Mrs. Beerleaguer had this crazy idea to start "scaling back." I'd rather eat Ramen noodles seven days a week just to see 1/3 more patrons talk on their cell phones and wave.

Of course I'd rather see them win outright but wouldn't a tiebreak game be something? Talk about high anxiety.

Pls dont tell the phillies they are still in it!!!!!! We all know what happens to them in those types of games

all kidding aside.. i watch almost every game..i boycotted the 16-6 games

i dont think i can take it i'm boycotting tonite and logging in at 11 ...if we're 1 game out then saturday could be lots of fun

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