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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


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Cormier has hurt the Phils more than anyone else in the league this year. I do blame C.M. for continuing to put him in positions where the man cannot succeed, espicially with Fultz in the pen, if that's what he wanted to do.

Of course, the offense getting nothing out of the top of the fifth with the bases loaded and one out was the real killer. One of the worst calls I have ever seen struck out Pat B., and a scortching shot by Howard gloved by the first baseman ended the inning, and the Phils' threat. That would have been huge. Game changing, in fact. But I have to question sending Lofton and Utley with a right hander pitching and Abreu at the plate. You had to know that doing so would take the bat out of your best hitter's hand and put it into a guy who, although is a great hitter, isn't nearly as good against righties as is Abreu. A real example where it would have been better if the runners had turned around and gone back to their bases after stealing. Which would you have rather seen, Abreu with a 2-0 count, of Pat with a 0-0 count bases loaded? That whole inning just made me sick.

Now that I'm calmer, and have had some sleep, I'll attempt some coherent points instead of going 'ah phoey' on Tom's Open Strand.

Jason, I agree that the rest cooled off Jimmy's head - his fourth at bat and the hit were the kind of hard work at the plate that we need right now and I think he got back into it and will hopefully stay there tonight.

I worry about our average hitters approach to pitchers like Sosa - this late in the season, there seems more worth in making contact and fouling balls off, tiring guys down, rather than waiting on a bad ump to give you a k or bb depending on how he's feeling. 7bbs should be punished, but I don't see hitters like lieberthal doing it.

I also have no idea why charlie yanked lofton for J-Mike. Lofton would not have screwed up that final at-bat. Its anecdotal, but it feels like lofton is taken out too soon, too often, and its robbing our lineup of a really effective bat.

Here's hoping we jump all over 'em tonight.

burrell looked at "cookie" as LA would say, before taking that unlucky called 3rd strike

rollins missed the foul pole by a hair.

if micheals swung at that pitch i invented the internet

cholly strikes again with his "brilliant" managing. Feel bad for Lidle, he has had a tough time lately and was doing his job

soooooo sick of the braves.

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