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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


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Totally agree. I was wondering why Pratt was on the bench. Because he's the backup catcher? Can't be--too late in the game to worry about that. Because Manuel wanted a left hitter up against a right handed pitcher? I'll take my chances with Pratt, thanks.

Wouldn't Chavez have been better suited as the pinch runner for Howard? I would think he's faster than Kata.

Agreed. I re-clarified that point in the post.


AJ Hinch is up with the team now, so CM has three catchers, he could have certainly used Pratt to PH and would have still had another backup catcher to play with.

This was inevitable.

First off, I questioned the move to let Tucker bat for Michaels in the 7th inning. Michaels has a high OBP, and the bases were loaded. He had two hits in the game already. But I rationalized to myself that it was a platoon advantage move, a 'by-the-book' move that nobody could criticize you for if it failed. Besides, I told myself, that's why they acquired Tucker. But I didn't like it. Is Tucker a better hitter than Michaels? Flat out no.

But the Chavez move pushed me beyond my ability to remain calm, because there was not a single argument, NOT ONE, that could be used to justify letting him come to bat. L-R platoon advantage? Chavez is batting .189 vs RHP. He's terrible. He has no concept of a strike zone, no power, no plate discipline, nothing. Even Floyd could have struck him out!
This is where it would have been nice to have Tucker available.

But even without Tucker, as has been pointed out, Chavez should be running, not batting, and Kata or anyone else should have been at bat in that situation.

This is criminal mishandling of your roster, pure and simple. Absolutely terrible.

As for Howard, as much as I like him, and even given that he's a rookie, he's not going to be any 10-yr answer at 1st base unless he can figure out how to at least get his bat on the ball vs LHP in key situations. This has been becoming more obvious and not just from tonight.

I figure tomorrow night we will be posting something about Rheal Cormier. Like I said..inevitable.

(Ok, consider my venting over)

worst ab i have ever seen

swung at every pitch

blocked the potential winning wp..really hard to accept as a phils fan

also..why not chavez to run?

also.. if you know chavez in up next...why not send the runner home... even if you say its a 1 in 10 shot that something bad happens to the astros..surely chavez is no better than in a 1 in 10 chance against lidge!!

phighten phils my aZZ

Goerge: Bobby Abreu, Chase Utley, and Pat Burrell got their bats on the ball last night but in the last few weeks all of them have failed to get their bats on the ball in key situations. At least last night Howard walked in the ninth inning to set up the possible tie or win until Charlie bet the ranch on Endy.

Aside from the hitting, or lack of it when it counts, Jason has nailed the real problem this team faces: there simply isn't a Steve Carlton to call on. They have no ace, just a bunch of failed aces and never-were aces. No one who can go out there and reliably right the ship. Brett Myers will never be that guy. Never. He cannot harnass that anger into something productive; instead, he turns it on others and ultimately himself. I'm sure deep down inside he blames Bell for all his troubles last night.

I also read a number of comments elsewhere today that several Phillies were blaming the home plate umpire for his floating strike zone. Larry Andersen certainly took more than a few shots at him. This is the ultimate cop-out, but not unexpected when all the mirrors in the clubhouse have been put away.

Notice Pettitte was getting those low strikes. Why? Ausmus was framing those pitches better.

Jason: Myers has never been a low-ball pitcher. Lieberthal wasn't the problem; Myers was. Someone made an error and he was finished for that inning. After all, Lieberthal was framing the pitches in innings 2 - 9, too.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is the difference between Lieberthal and Ausmus is like night and day. Ausmus will work for his pitcher, Lieberthal actually makes his pitchers look bad by lunging at the ball. When you have a catcher like Ausmus, you can throw inside and outside pitches with more confidence knowing the catcher can "fluff" the zone. That's what Pratt does. That's why Lieber has hand-picked Pratt because Lieber depends on that tough inside cutter to left-handers.

Don't let Bill Conlin's dyspepsia influence you. I don't think Lieberthal's framing is the issue. I think it is more of a temperament issue. He isn't enough of a take-charge guy. Conlin wouldn't be happy unless Gabby Hartnett were behind the plate every night.

I agree 100% with Tom G. Lieberthal is too laid back and is quite satisified with stealing his money.

Elmer really fouled up badly last night, for sure.

How can you send that twerp Chavez up to hit with all the marbles on the line? Should've been pinch running instead of Kata.

Chavez doesn't even belong in the majors, hell , he'd have trouble hitting in Legion ball with that crappy swing!

Said it before and I'll say it again--ELMER MUST GO!!!!! Bring in a real manager, Jimmy Leyland.

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