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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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How about Rollins not playing up a bit with the leader in infield hits up?

Bell is done, has been done for some time. Elmer's answer is 'who do I have that is better?'



This was it tonight. From the euphoria of a big season-saving comeback to the pain of a playoff chance-killing collapse in like 10 minutes. Damn it!

Woke up yesterday morning at 5:45. Read that phillies lost to houston again. got two buses and one plane to dublin. Went to Ireland vs France at Lansdowne Road. Ireland lost one-nil. Woke up this morning at 5:25, got plane and then bus to work in Edinburgh. Read that Phillies lost to houston again.


On second thought, there’s time for one number, one that reveals all you need to know about this site: 0. Zero times I've seen my team win it all - in any sport.

I was 7 when the Phils won in 1980, and I can vaguely remember my parents discussing whether or not I should go to bed or be allowed to stay up (my mother voting bed, my father voting for staying up). I was sent to bed, somehow I fell asleep, and my dad came in an brought me back out to the living room to watch the last two outs.

It wasn't until last year that I got to see a team of mine win it all. And that was JMU in the I-AA National Football Championship. I was dazed for days, I couldn't believe it. I just kept saying outloud, "I can't believe a team of mine won it all."

Jason: You should have taken the entire night off as discussed. Not that the pain would have been any less, but at least you wouldn't have any new images of defeat in your mind. I hope my update following Howard's shot didn't induce you to tune in.

Manuel is outmatched, outgunned, and outsmarted at every turn. Did anyone catch Phillies Post Game Live on Comcast Sportsnet last night? Even Marzano was piling on. If the Manuel hiring was to placate Thome, then a lot of fricking good it did this year.

and who was at this game that toyed with my emotions more than a pretty girl? that's right - me. and after i had wizened up and hadn't watched the ending of a game in over 2 weeks, i somehow get roped into going last night and having my heart ripped out by this team again. AGAIN!!!

here's my favorite mistake - michael tucker comes in as a pinch hitter against a brand new pitcher and grounds out on the 1st pitch he sees.

Tucker is running out of opportunities to prove he was worth a pitching prospect.

phillies are OUT of opportunities to show they are not a bunch of losers..

even last nite, abreu hits the big hr and they get the ribbie from the rookie and i had a bad feeling when abreu was laughing with 2 outs like the game was over..

looking to next yr, does anybody really truly think they will have the guts to trade thome, eat some salary and get rid of huckleberry manuel?? look at the marlins, lowell is benched pierre is dropped from least the coach is trying to make the team better...look at nats, robinson banned cell phones and music from locker room..

what has manuel done...other than pitching his closer in non save situations, put endy frickin chavez in must hit situations, throw ex-major league player david bell out there EVERY NIGHT, forget to tell his infielders to move in when the all-time leader in infield hits comes up..just least i dont need to send in my playoff money

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