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Friday, September 09, 2005


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It was curious to me why a team that was built to win now would hire base coaches with zero major league experience.

Because the Phillies treated the coaching boxes like most teams do, as a reward for service to the organization, rather than as a place where games can be won or lost.

If you really want a good reason for the Phils struggles, look first at their choice of managers. Charlie Manuel? EEK!! We could have had Jim Leyland, a proven winner with a World Series ring. I'll never get past that blunder.

Man, when I saw Leyland wanted the job, I was all excited in the Spring. Him managing with Vuk back in the 3B box would be just what these guys need. At the minimum it would be a massive improvement.

Wade should go and they could get Gerry Hunsicker for GM. He did a nice job in Houston before he left. Plus he's a native and understands our passion.

This is a huge offseason coming up, with the Thome/Howard thing at 1B and no way do I think that Slow Eddie is up to the task. Personally I wonder if they could bring Burrell back in to 3B (he played there at Miami) and put Howard out in LF. Hey, we got by with Bull out there for how long, Ryan's offense would make up for his defensive problems.

Unfortunately, Vuk's health problems were the real reason he was moved upstairs, not because of his poor relationship with the players and friendship with Bowa.

Vuk, who had brain cancer, admitted on a couple of occasions that he missed plays because he couldn't see where the ball was.

What I'd like to see is a stat of how many players are thrown out at the plate in the league. I gotta figure one of you guys have access to that data?

Or do I have to go searching... ;)

I'm sure they don't have "down and distance" figures, but I'm sure that would be helpful. Because I think Bell is STILL trying to Round 3rd.

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