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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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Boy, oh, boy, do I feel your pain, Jason. You have summed it up neatly, as per usual.

Jimmy has had quite a month and it's only September 7th.

Despite my numerous complaints about pitching throughout the season, it has been hitting or the lack of it that has killed this team. Larry Andersen pointed out the Phillies had struck out 43 times in the four games prior to last night. They struck out 10 times last night giving them 53 in five games. That means they fail to put the ball in play in more than 1/3 of their at-bats in a given game. Pitiful.

Oh, and did I mention that Jimmy struck out to end the game?

why do we even bother..

abre(who?)...burrell utley...our 3,4,5 have done absolutely nothing for us..

its a shame because you have to credit the phils with patching together a better than average pitching staff. (w/o worrell,floyd, and wolf)

you look at the hitting and some of the topline stats..rbi, avg, runs, look good...

BUT!!! i would bet that a significant part of the hitting stats phils put up are in 10-4 blowouts and middle relievers

They simply lack a consistent attack, where the other team feels like the phils are coming at you all the time (remember the steroid kids of 93??). They arent that good..

its a shame , wild card is there for the taking this year.

All that needs to be said...

Best hitter in the last month...

Mike Lieberthal, batting .355 in the last 30 days.

Although Manuel only left himself open to some serious second guessing after Monday's loss, last night he pretty much threw the game.

I don't care whether Rollins makes it to second or third. Manuel's decision to sacrifice with Lofton was the real nail in the coffin.

If Rollins can't steal a base in that situation, why even play him?

Ruby, you are RIGHT on... Rollins steals second... perhaps Lofton swings away... or tries again for a bunt, and now it's Rollins on 3rd with one out... But Manuel has no bench skills... NONE. Zero. Nada.

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