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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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This isn't blogging, it's superb writing.

Third. As a matter of fact, I will probably read this again later.

I'm not as knowledgable a fan of the Phils as most here, I'm sure, and I haven't observed them with the keen eye you so obviously possess. That said, I really enjoyed your whole essay, the way you extend that darkness-to-light metaphor. I'm new here, but I look forward to returning.

Particularly liked this:

"A nickel-sized blood stain on a brilliant white sock."

You sure know how to render a telling detail. I'll be thinking of that image of a "nickle-sized blood stain" for a while, all the more so because there's little about Schilling that is nickle-sized. His self-regard, for instance.

Great post.

Wow Man!!! Good stuff...

as for me, my gut tells me that all those stories you've been telling, lead to the same conclusion.

Our phils lack the heart and don't have the talent to overcome it..

the black hole and our delightfully goofy coach will be the downfall..

its just a guess but its my guess..

the way i'm seeing it we have some guys on this team...

Lofton, Burrell, Utley, Howard, Urbina, Padilla, Wagner....who show up and COMPETE WITH SOME B%&^'s in tough fact, it seems padilla and howard can only produce when it matters!

Myers(despite his enormous talent), Lidle, Madson, Cormier, Bell, Lieby, Mr Home run champ Abreu, seem to go the other way and wither when its on the line(altho i admit bell has a couple key hits this yr)

its that 2nd group that will tell the tale

I hope i'm wrong, but i think phils will be at least 5 back of atlanta and florida takes the wild card...ppppplllllzzzzz prove me wrong phils!

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