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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


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Saw that note about Floyd and was also encouraged. He needs several more before he can be said to have turned some corner. The worst thing the Phils could do now is panic and bring him up too soon. I don't think they should even consider bringing him up at all this season.

Agreed. Floyd needs to finish the season in Scranton, where he has a better chance to build something positive for next season.

I could see Hamels in Philadelphia by the end of the season, however. He could give them a handful of good starts just on left-handed machismo.

Was it Bill James that wrote something about the importance of having lefthanders late in the season and postseason?

In terms of both Floyd and Hamels, I can't stress enough how much they mean to the future of this team.

If Floyd never regains his confidence and effectiveness it will be a tremendous blow to this team. They have relied on his development for a few years now and, one would assume, made a number of other roster decisions based on his eventual availability and success.

Hamels' history of physical and emotional issues troubles me. I can live with the fact that he is a David Wells type after hours (though I don't like or condone it) but he has had his share of ailments when pitching far fewer innings than would be expected of a starter. That's all the Phils need, another guy with on-and-off arm miseries.

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