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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


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Does one loss mean everything? No. Does this one? Yeah. I forget if it was Wheels or LA who mentioned that this game had the feel of the playoffs, and it did. Unfortunately, for the Phils, the pressure got to Madson and Urbina who blew his fifth save and took the loss. During the Mesa era, if you looked at his Blown Save numbers, they were the difference between winning and losing the division. Remember that.

And let's not forget Howard, struck out twice, leaving 3 runners on base. And both Lofton and Rollins left 2 runners in Scoring position.

It was those missed opportunities and some terrible calls by umpires (the play at the plate, Utley getting HBP) that cost them this game.

In case you wanted to know this stuff:
Blown Saves
Wagner 2
Cormier 2
Madson 4
Urbina 5
Worrell 2
Adams 1
Geary 1

Now Blown Saves don't always turn into losses. Sometimes the Phils have come back, but you can see how important a bullpen is. Just one or two missed opportunities. That's it.

You know it's late when you can't spell your last name. ;)


What you said...see my previous post..they have too many guys who shrink as the situation gets tougher

look for phils to fall about 4-5 back then crawl back to 2 back and say they were "in it"

PHILLIES is an anagram for LOSER
2 words David Bell

Ah, Placido. He looks better every time David Bell tries to field a pop fly or move a runner along.

As for the Troika, Ryan Madson has had a real up and down season. If the Phils don't sign Wagner or Urbina, I am not all that confident he is the answer.

Testify Jason!

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