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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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Never sacrifice connubial bliss...especially for the Phillies!!

The DH is tomorrow, so don't worry about missing it in the afternoon today.

Thanks, Ankit. Kind of a bad mistake on my part.

So what movie did you go with?

The 2003 documentary "Capturing the Friedmans," about a family torn apart when the father and son are arrested for sex offenses. It was incredible - a real conversation starter and filled with moral ambiguity. My wife and I talked for about an hour afterward about this film and the issues it raised. Very heavy, but worth it. The tell-tale sign of this kind of film’s success is if it sparks up conversation afterward.

Speaking of documentaries, there are two I’d like to see and I’m curious if anyone has. “Murderball,” about paraplegic rugby, and “Grizzly Man,” about some kook who gets eaten by a bear.

Jason, I used to enjoy your stuff immensely, but now that I know you watch “So You Think You Can Dance”, I'm afraid I will never be able to read anything you write in a credible light ever again.

[now excuse me while I go watch Real World Austin]

Jason: Take a look at "My Architect", a fascinating work by Louis Kahn's son on the life and career of his father, whom he hardly knew. It is a very compelling documentary.

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