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Monday, August 22, 2005


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Did you just call Rheal Cormeir a blister? Anyway, I also think Myers CG was HUGE. For one thing, it stopped some bad mo' both he and the team had going on. It also gave MadUgyWag a chance to rest for a night. If the Phillies get to the playoffs, we might look back on this start and the 12-1 homestand as the biggest turning points.

Cormier should be released, especially with Brito available for left-handed middle relief if necessary. Who would trust Cormier at this point? Not even his mother.

Endy was on my ***t list beginning with his second appearance in a Phillies uniform.

Gavin Floyd was rocked over the weekend. He shouldn't even be called up in September. It wouldn't do him or the Phillies any good were he to be summoned.

I have continued to be amazed by the fact that Chavez is even on a Major League roster. My son and I were down at Friday night's fiasco and we were talking to other fans that agreed that his was the worst swing we've seen since Bowa first came up to the Phillies years ago.

And Cormier should be dumped or traded to Arizona with his buddy Worrell.

And why pray tell did Elmer pull Brito after 5 innings? Typical move by him I guess.

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