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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


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Notice how OneChair puts in his column this morning about lack of XBHs and 2Bs, the day after your blog mentions it. Coincidence ?

It's not. I e-mailed OneChair the stat yesterday for DNL and they talked about it on the show. They also gave me credit.

As I wrote yesterday, Howard is a starter not a pinch-hitter. I also said he is more likely to make things happen than anyone else they might throw out there.

The homer Howard hit last night looked like he barely got a piece of the ball. I don't have a real strong opinion on sitting Howard for a decent backup, but Ramon Martinez? Johny Marz was arguing this morning that you sit Howard against a STUD lefty but play him against most average leftys. I think that makes sense to me, the kid has to learn to hit them at some point, no?

"The most you can hope for, at this point, is a fisted single through the infield."

Come now, Jason, are you begrudging him his strength, too?

Enrico: JM makes a good point. Even the most seasoned pros used to take a day off if Randy Johnson (in his prime) was scheduled to start.

I think the Giants also responded to the challenge - if I'm not mistaken, even though they only got three hits in yesterday's game, they were all doubles? Heh.

I agree - he has to learn to hit lefties at some point. Maybe they should have him take cuts against Rheal Cormier for a while.

(just kidding. Mostly.)

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