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Friday, August 12, 2005


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I can't figure out why they have buried Jason Michaels. Was it his run-in with the law? Lately, Kenny Lofton has been awful for the most part, swinging late and looking overmatched. I'd prefer Michaels in there to Lofton any day.

Thome strikes me as being pretty similar to John Olerud -- a big slow first baseman with a sweet lefty swing and patience at the plate who was a great player in his prime, but unfortunately is hitting a phase of decline and injuries. The problem with both of them are that they can't really do much else other than play first or DH anymore, and they're both slow enough runners that it's a liability to play them if they're not able to really smack the ball anymore.

I personally think Olerud's got a few years left in him, though he may never be a starter for a team again. I would be surprised if the same wasn't true for Thome. I think Thome is definitely finished for the Phillies though, and totally agree that he's really likely to wind up in the AL somewhere.

BTW, speaking of how poorly the Phils do against left-handers: that's a list of some pretty damn good pitchers you've got up there. Getting 8 earned runs off Dontrelle Willis is no small feat. I'd be more worried about them losing against the crappier lefty pitchers...

The fourth D-Train game was a little fluky. They got him right in the middle of a three-game slump. That was the game that featured one of my favorite moments of the season: the Vicente Padilla triple.

Other than that, D-Train owns the Phils.

He completely dominated them in the first start, a complete-game shutout Apr. 13. Next, five shutout innings in a rain-shortened game Apr. 30, followed by eight strong innings in a 5-2 win on May 23.

Willis is still in the Cy Young hunt, despite some rocky outings since the break.

Willis, Hampton ... two guys the Phils rarely show up against. Remember when Glavine was in his prime? What a nightmare.

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