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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


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Can't believe the last place team in the East is 5 games above .500. I wonder if that's ever happened in any sport this late in the season.

I have never seen one at-bat consisting of a single swing draw so much ire, all of it justified. I like J-Roll, but I am beginning to think he needs a serious talking to. The problem is he needed it months ago, not in the heat of the pennant chase with 25 games left.

35 games.

I can't believe the last place team in the East is above .500 and the first place team in the west is below .500.

I also can't believe Roger Clemens hasn't gotten a win for the Astros since the Phillies became a serious threat to the Wild Card.

(I'm now totally imagining Jimmy Rollins being like Willie Mays Hayes in the movie Major League, having to do 50 pushups every time he pops a ball up, heh)

We are all wondering why CM hasnt talked to JRoll about all do we know he hasnt? Maybe he has and Rollins isn;t listening.

I also fell for that "B-" grade.

But even then, my biggest criticism of CM was that he allows veteran players to play through their slumps, costing the Phillies games. He kept putting Adams out there, Worrell out there, Offerman out there, Bell out there, Thome out there, Cormier out there, and Padilla out there when all of those players were struggling for prolonged periods.
JR follows the same pattern; no change in PT, no move from the leadoff spot. Let him work it out.

It's fine to have confidence in a veteran player. They usually do come out of it fairly quickly. But as manager you do reach a point where a slump becomes prolonged and starts to erode the confidence of the whole team (not to mention directly leading to losses). In some cases it's not a slump at all, it's a general decline in their game, or a flaw in their swing/delivery, or a nagging physical problem.

This is a team in a desperate pennant fight. This is an offense that cannot overcome 2-3 holes in the lineup offensively night after night. This is a team that cannot make up 4-5 run deficits while ineffective pitchers work it out.

This is clearly the expectation, however, when the above players continued to play regularly, stay in the rotation, or be brought into the game in critical situations.

Now the worst team is SIX games over .500


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