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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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It appeared to me that whatever was wrong with Madson last night, it was the same issue on nearly every pitch. He kept missing high and right of the plate, regardless of the batter. Of course, the only exception was the low and left wild pitch that scored a run....was he overcompensating so as not to go high right?

The thing that bugs me is it seems to be etched in stone: Madson, Urbina, Wagner. This pattern is NEVER deviated from. What's the big deal with changing things up once in a while and using Fultz once in a while instead of Madson. Or Madson instead of Urbina? Ok, gotta stick with Wags, that is true. But I don't see why it has to be the same all the time when we have a lead in the 7th.

-- Sometimes the best managerial moves are the ones you don't make. Just because you have a 7,8 and 9 guys. Doesn't mean you have to follow a script. In fact Tejeda only walked ONE batter last night. He was at 100 pitches, but his Strike to Ball ratio was decent at 63 to 37. And it was Madson and Urbina who were wild. In fact, what killed Madson was the hit batsman on a 1-2 pitch. LA was CRYING on the pitch before which was way inside, that there was NO NEED to pitch that far inside, considering who was coming up next. What happens next? Hit batsman. Madson's run didn't change the fact that a 3 run homer was winning the game, but small moments like this makes you wonder how this team handles pressure.

-- I don't understand why you can't start a guy for an inning and pull him when he starts to struggle. On Saturday, Lieber was left in to hit with two men on base and couldn't get a bunt down. Then was tagged a couple of times before giving up the two run homer. Does Manuel have ANY clue how to handle a pitching staff? As soon as Lieber begins to get hit hard, that's the time to pull him. I don't know why it is so darn difficult when I can sit in the middle of my fantasy football draft and manage better than the skip.

-- Marcus Hayes, said it was Urbina's 3rd blown save. It was the 3rd Blown Lead that the Phillies went on to lose. 2 of his blown saves, the phillies came back to give him the wins in the game. ESPN calls it 5 blown saves. So I don't know what the rules are.

I think your point on speeding up the game is dead on and not just in last night's situation. I dont think enough pitchers realize that the advantage switches to them when they control the pace of an at bat.

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