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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


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Lou Collier batted .361 in the Korea Baseball Organization this spring training for the Lucky Goldstar Twins (LG Twins). Hwr, I checked their roster today and he is not on it.
If I find anything further I'll surely let you know.

Lou was involved with an unfortunate incident with the daughter of a local asiatic warlord.

Jason, I took your challenge but gave up after looking through about nine pages on Google (including following more than a few links to their ends). One thing is certain, Collier played for a whole lotta' minor league teams in his day and had more than a few cups of coffee in the Bigs along the way.

Leave it to George to find out something, but I have to lodge a small protest here. George lives in SE Asia and no doubt has access to resources (language being one of them???) we lack. So, George, you get credit for your excellent research per usual but you may have had something of an advantage. If you track down his current whereabouts not only will you receive the one year subscription to Beerleaguer, I will throw in a one year subscription to Swing and a Miss.

As for your offer, Jason, I guess I will just have to sneak onto Beerleaguer as an unpaid guest pending further research. As long as you aren't checking your Site meter or Stats too often I should be able to get away with it.

I am Lou's high school baseball coach at Chicago Vocational(Dick Butkus, Juwan Howard, Kenna Turner, Chris Zorich) and if you really are trying to find him please email me.

Lou is currently playing for the Hanwha Eagles of the Korean league. Here is a link to his player page in Korean.

I played my little league ball with lou he has always been a hellava player we also went to kishwaukee college together if you can pass him my e-mail address

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