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Thursday, August 18, 2005


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You had a better chance to get to Wagner by using Cormier for 2 innings. Especially after he was very effective in his 1st inning of work. CM should have kept him in.
The 3-reliever set will get scored on at least half the time, and it did 3 out of 4 times it was used against the Nats. You shouldn't be risking it with a 1-run lead, especially when Cormier looked good.

I still believe that it is tougher to find an effective pitcher than it is to score a run. (Huh? What is he talking about?) In other words, if you have an effective pitcher in the game, do not take him out of the game for a PH in order to try to score a run with 2 outs when you are already ahead.

Say your pitcher (Lieber the other night) is hitting .125 and you PH for him with someone batting .250. With 2 outs and men on base, you've improved your chances of scoring 1 out of 8 times you do it. Compare that to the chance that the pitcher than relieves Lieber will give up a run. Is it higher than a 1 in 8 chance? Almost always.

I'm with you. I thought CM was learning and getting more imaginative. Maybe 2 games in one day is too much for him.

I left work last night at 10:30pm, happy in the knowledge we'd won two, but desperate for the third win. Gaahh. I'm surprised that Manuel used the Troika on so little rest. It's not creative, just obvious.

Just a note to the general phlogging community - I'm writing feck all right now on account of work, but I'm greatful as ever of the variety of opinion on the phils' attempt at a playoff push. Seeing as I can't watch any games right now, ye are my (most discerning) eyes and ears!

it is not in the rules of baseball that a relief pitcher may only pitch one inning. Either Fultz or Cormier could have gone 2.

Well, Jason I bit my tongue after I read all of your praise of CM. As evidenced by my previous rants, I am not a fan of his.

I will admit that lately he has done a better job, but sometimes he just seems to get brain lock or something as evidenced last night. I really had to laugh about that Chavez/Cormier remark. I don't know what a crappy hitter like him is even doing in the majors.

I'm going down tonight, so I hope they can pull one out over Pittsburgh.

The thing with CM is that even if they win the wild card and get into the playoffs I think he will absolutely get outmanaged. I mean for example CM vs. LaRussa? Come on man!

"it is tougher to find an effective pitcher than it is to score a run" should be on t-shirts and bumper stickers...children should learn it before "i before e, except after c"

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