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Friday, August 05, 2005


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While I didn't attend PSU (I attended James Madison U., the ahem I-AA National Champions), most of my family did, and so I follow the Nittany Lions just a bit...and I have to ask why you dodged the BIG question: should JoePa retire?

JoePa should stay as long as he likes.

I think Joe should retire after this year if they're able to produce a respectable (i.e., winning) 2005 season.

The thought of losing a seventh straight game to Michigan makes me ill.

Another Tom posting a commment!!! Yikes. Well, Jason, I certainly learned more about you. You write as well about football as you do about baseball, no small achievement given that your passion for the former doesn't come close to your passion for the latter.

Speaking of baseball passions, how about that Swing And A Miss reverse jinx yesterday? I write that Bobby has lost his stroke and sense of the strike zone and, bam, a grand salami in the first inning and another hit the same say. I say Chase has been struggling a bit lately and, boom, a home run.

Uncanny. I should start predicting who ISN'T going to win the lottery.

You are lucky you guys don't play B.C. this year. I grew up a State fan, but after attending B.C., State took a back seat. I went up to PSU 2 years ago to watch BC roll over JoePa's squad, it was awesome. I also brought my current room mate, PSU '03 alum, and sometimes guest author on the700Level, Scott R. up to Chestnut Hill last year to watch the ninny lions get lit up. It was a great time as well. I look forward to more PSU insight, and Scott has season tix, so he should give us some good reports from the sccene, that is if he remembers any of it.

I haven't lost my love for the Chickie and Pete's scene just yet. You have to love it for what it is.

LIke I said in a post earlier this week, I attended Hawk Hill, but the lack of a football team allows me to keep my childhood allegiance at State College. Great post, Jason. And weighing in on the question of the day, I think JoePa should be allowed to coach as long as he wants.

not that I have anything at stake, but I believe he should stay as long as he wants as well, and i just hope however it all ends, it is on a high note of some kind. JoePa represents everything that is good about college athletics.

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