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Friday, August 26, 2005


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It's interesting that we use some of the same sources for some of the same reasons. Is it free? Is it cluttered? Does it crash my Commodore 64?

Baseball Primer is another good resource that I'm sure you've read. I find the discussion threads for the articles to be very enlightening. Almost a companion to Hardball Times that you referenced above.

Also, hand-in-hand with the Media Guide are the Press Notes that each team provides to the media members before every game. These are viewable for free and are packed full of info and stats that you really don't get anywhere else:

Jason -- I appreciate the kind words, and view your blog in a similar manner. Thanks a lot and we have to see a game together before the end of the season (with several Toms)

I sit around reading Baseball Prospectus for fun when I want a good laugh, honestly. I'm often surprised by what they get away with saying in there, though the levels of subtlety are pretty amazing. One of our local (Seattle) bloggers, DMZ, wrote the descriptions of the Mariners players for BP, and all I can say is -- read what he had to say about Willie Bloomquist. Heh heh.

ESPN's Gamecast is buggy, but at least it doesn't CRASH things, plus I can run it at work and keep a game on "in the background". Another benefit of it is that it doesn't seem to have the same issues with firewalls that MLB's Gameday has for me. And even more than just the sortable numbers actually working, they have more choices of sortable numbers. You can find out, for example, how a pitcher's hitting splits are, which you utterly can't do on

All good sources, anyway. I tend to use most of those. and Retrosheet are my tops for any time I need to check random historical stuff. For example, did you know that there were 8 seasons where Philadelphia had two baseball teams and collectively lost 200 games, more times than any other city ever? Fun stuff :)

Thanks for the reference, Beerleaguer. A good list, too. Hopefully, our Annual will make the list next year. :)

I had tried to find MLB Media Guides on their unsearchable site before, and had an awful time. Is there a trick? And why do you think there are so few for sale?


I bought your annual as an e-book and used it a lot in the preseason. It's another great resource. Call it "honorable mention." The CNNSI fielding page also gets "honorable mention."

Next year, I'm getting the new, improved hardcopy instead of the PDF package. I thought I'd use the PDFs more, but I tend to prefer reaching for something with girth. Plus, my wimpy computer bogs down with those files.

And as a plug for THT, the 2006 edition will include guest writers Bill James, Rob Neyer, Maury Brown, Brian Gunn, Matt Welch, Alex Belth and Bat-Girl.

What about Beerleaguer, Studes?

Keep up the great work, Beerleaguer, and we'll talk next year!

By the way, I'd like to add one more stats reference, Stats Fantasy Advantage:

It's a lot of the STATS data, without all the ESPN overhead. It doesn't have everything, but it does have some things (such as team profiles for the next twenty years or so) that other sites don't.

I believe this is technically 11 resources. :)

Some things I'd add: I'd add Randy Miller's articles for the Bucks County Courier, (for video and home game rcaps) and, for some fun commentary and game threads.

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