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Thursday, July 28, 2005


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Theragtopguy said:
Agree with you 100% Jason. Here's hoping that one of the other guys, maybe even Chase, had something to say to him about it. Absolutely no excuse for dogging it. And when will Rollins ever stop swinging at that first pitch and popping it up? Man they really suck right now.


MattyMatty said:
First, love the blog.

Second, I disagree. That IS exactly how the some of the best players in baseball approach the game.

Exhibit 1: Manny Ramirez. Possibly the best right handed hitter in baseball over the past ten years, and still one of the best in the game.

Exhibit 1a: Barry Bonds, who is quite possibly the best player in all of baseball acts like that constantly. There are more. Frank Thomas, Jeff Kent, Sammy Sosa, Gary Sheffield, Randy Johnson. The list goes on. I don't support this type of behavior, but to say that it's unusual among the league's elite just isn't accurate.


J. Weitzel said:
Your idea and my idea of the best players in baseball are completely different. I wouldn't take half those cheats on my team.

How about Derrek Lee? He's pretty elite this season. He could win the triple crown and still sets a standard at his position. What about Pujols? Brian Roberts? Jim Edmonds? Even Chase Utley?

Wouldn't you trade Edmonds for Abreu? I would. And I'm a fan of Bobby ...


Tom Goodman said:
I thought it worth noting that LA said during last night's broadcast that he'd never seen Bobby Abreu so down after a loss as he was following Tuesday night's.

I really don't think Bobby dogs it in the outfield or anywhere else most of the time. I just think he is a tentative, average outfielder who makes up for those deficiencies at the plate (most of the time).

There aren't many players in the big leagues who go all out like a Chase Utley. That is one of several reasons everyone including me is so enthusiastic about him. He isn't the higher standard; he is the highest one and by definition most players are going to fall short.

I hate the styling and staring after home runs as much as the next guy. I hate the failure to run out ground balls. I hate the guys who tell you straight out they aren't running into any walls for anyone.

But they are a fixture in this era. Chase Utley might be considered a throw-back type player by some, but I prefer to see him for what he is: a young guy who figured it out from day one. It is a privilege to be paid to play this game and he is going to make the most of that privilege every day. No days off. No games off. No at-bats off.

It would be very, very bad news for 2005 if Thome is lost for the season. I do not think they can compete for the division without him at 100%.

That being said, I've said before that an "out with the old" mentality might serve the Phillies well. Interesting season, this.

Dear lord, Jason, let's not refer to the kid as RyHo. It only brings back nightmarish memories of....well, last year with Ms. Lopez. Let's start a campaign to get the kid a nickname, but let's leave RyHo off the list.

I'm glad I saw the original post; there is nothing wrong with a little off the cuff venting in my opinion. That's what we specialize in over at the700Level. Especially my cronies who leave rather humorous comments.

I, too, have been trying to come up with a nickname for Howard, RyHo is the obvious abreviation, but it lacks something.

Thome to have TJ surgery? Any idea how much of his salary the Phillies could recoup with insurance? if any?

Hey Jason that's what makes your blog what it is, shooting from the hip. Don't be afraid to express yourself, let it fly. Don't let the PC factor come into play now.

To MattyMatty:

That's why the game has gone downhill in my opinion, those guys you just mentioned, I mean look at Ramirez. He asked for a trade from Boston because of the 'lack of privacy'!
What a bunch of crap. No regard for the team at all, it's all about him.

Chase is the type of guy that will go far in this game. 110% all the time. Love it!

Will Carroll had this to say in yesterday's Will's Mill BP feature, "Ryan Howard is staying a Phillie. Period." It certainly sounds like something's wrong with Thome's recovery. It is exciting to think of Utley and Howard on the right side of the infield for the next decade, though.

RyHo or whatever you want to call him, is highly being over-rated people!

I agree he is a power-slugging 1B, but he lacks serious discipline at the plate ( even more so than Thome and Burrell put together ) and if he isn't hitting a HR, he is striking out or hitting into another DP.

When he misses at pitches, he really misses--seems like 20-25% of total pitches he swings and misses at he is far off from actually making contact, and he looks more like he over-swings than anything else.

Like the blog above goes, I'd have Thome, atleast when he is healthy, playing anyday over Howard--you have to go with a proven vet.

Lastly, what is it with you people and your first baseman!? First there was Von Hayes you'd boo all the time, then it was Rico Brogna and Travis Lee, now Jim Thome! I guess it is good thing that Pujols isn't a Phillie, you'd find something wrong with him too and would be trying to convince people that Howard should be played over Pujols too--gimme a break!

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