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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


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No matter what happens for the rest of the Phillies' season, last night's 5-4 10th inning victory may very well be the feel-good point of [Read More]


Chase is playing like a team MVP. I checked it out..Robles was hitting .390 with Mexico City Reds before he got the call to the Dodgers. Baseball America having fun last week in it's Prospect Hot Sheet, listed 40 year old Felix Jose who is ripping the ball with Oaxaca in the Mexican League. He's trying to be the next Julio Franco.

I don't think the Red Sox will lose interest in Billy. I think the Phils will lose interest in the Sox and hold on to Wagner for their own [likely] futile stretch run. Too bad. In the end they will get nothing in return.

Well said about Oogy. They made the point on the broadcast last night, and it's true, that Oogy has been lights out since his poor initial outing. I still don't think it was a good trade, because I'd love to have traded Bell instead, but Wade did significantly improve the Bullpen with that one. Props to him.


The thing I admired most about your early comments on my site and others was your patience with this team. Here we are again, with the Phils in position to make a run at the postseason, proving once again that baseball plays out over a very long season.

With Urbina, I always thought patience was the key when determining his status, too. This is the time of year when having a guy like him can really help. That's why relief pitching is so sought after at the deadline.

I'm getting cautiously optimistic again. Damn, it's like this all the time with this team! I'll get my hopes up and they stomp on my heart. I gotta give Elmer credit for putting Utley in the 3-hole. Great move. Now if Abreu comes around hitting.............

It'll be interesting to see what they do when Thome is ready. I cannot see them trading Howard now, no way! I still don't have any faith in Wade, just hoping that he doesn't screw it all up somehow.

Hamels won again last night, but had 5 BBs.

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