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Thursday, July 14, 2005


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Late and Close (MLB.COM)

Utley .227
Abreu .307

Who's clutch?

A similar point to the one raised below. Utley's Grand Slam off the bench was the biggest moment of the season. He also made a cluch snare in the first Atlanta series that helped win that game. I haven't seen those moments out of Abreu.

Like the two times Chase has struck out on balls that have actually hit him??? You remember Chase's big moments because you are a fan. Which is fine, but statistically, he is not the MVP of the team. What about Bobby's entire month of June. Without him, this team is even more buried than they are now. Big moments that you remember do not an MVP make.

We're debating 1 and 1A really.

I never posted this, but I'm still not entirely sold on Utley, and looking at the BP projections, his career will follow a pretty vanilla path.

There isn't an player I cheer for more than Abreu actually, and it's because I want him to get the monkey off his back.

When Abreu draws a walk, that's Utley back there expected to drive him in. That's $13 million Abreu leaning on $1 million Utley. I know if I was a teammate, I'd be inspired more by what Utley has done this season, another good reason why he's my MVP.

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