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Friday, July 29, 2005


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"They are a bunch of no-names. I've never even heard of their catcher."

But Jimmy has.

If I'm not mistaken, the Braves and the Rockies have used the same number of rookies so far in '05.

Bobby Abreu and 50 % of attempted basestealers have also heard of catcher Danny Ardoin.

Most Asian pitchers have unorthodox deliveries and rely on 'junk' pitches rather than power. The key therefore is to take several pitches the first time up until you pick up the delivery. Don't swing too early in the count. Generally, you can then nail them somewhere between the 3rd and 6th innings. (I often wonder if teams couldn't have batting practice pitchers that might be able to mimic unusual windups/deliveries, a sidearmer, for example)

"Guys like Pat Burrell and David Bell still don’t have a lifetime hit off the Korean sub-mariner" - David Bell, I'm sure, doesn't have a lifetime hit against a LOT of pitchers if they're right-handed.

While JR gets a lot of votes for bad play of the day for getting picked off 1B, my vote for poor fundamentals goes to Mike Lieberthal. The Phillies should have nailed a Rockies runner at the plate early in the game, but Lieberthal dropped a terrific relay throw from JR primarily because he was out of position. Had he been just another two feet up the line, in front of the plate rather than on it, he would have caught that throw easily and there was a very good chance the runner would have been out. It would have been close, but I think they would have gotten him.

As for seeing what they got in the pen, CM always uses 3-4 relievers every game. Last night was typical. It's reliever roulette, and at least 1 of them will almost always get scored on. There are very few Phillies games where the bullpen doesn't give up a run because CM is always spinning the chamber.
CM doesn't use 3 relievers every night because they are ineffective. They are ineffective as a group because he keeps using 3 relievers every night. The odds are that one of them will be off their game. Last night was typical CM. Fortunately Utley bailed CM out (again).

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