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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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yes bad outing by Madson, but that was the only runs let up by any of the pitchers, you'd think after the 12 run outburst the prior night that they could still pull out the win....but they put up a goose egg against Wells?????? come on, he got shelled his last outing....pathetic, its a such a farce...

what is rollins doing swinging at an eye-level pitch!!?? trying to hit a hr again??? does he know how to work a count??? maybe get a walk once in a while??

does anyone have a game plan when they come to the plate??

if the pitcher walks the prior 3 hitters, why the hell are you swinging at the first pitch!! wait till he throws a friggin strike!!!

its like a car wreck, you can't turn away....or like a real reality show, you watch to see how they can implode and lose another game.....

when is Monty going to grow a set and fire Wade so that a outside person can come in as GM and get ride of all these "good people" who have no hearts or passion for the game???

(yes, now I feel better after getting that off my chest, lol)

Tom Goodman at Swing and a Miss said Geoff Geary deserved credit for exceptional pitching out of the pen. Geary has been pretty good lately.

I agree, Geary did well coming out cold from the pen...

The last comment, by mitchwilliams93, further underscores how well Geary did last night. All of sudden, get warm, buddy. It was a very fine performance.

I agree 100% with mitchwilliams93. Monty needs to get rid of Wade and hire Hunsicker and let him rebuild this team. Maybe they need to get J-Roll to drop and do pushups everytime he hits a fly ball like Willie Mays Hayes in Major League!!

Theraagtopguy has just come up with the solution to a number of problems all at once with his Willie Mays Hayes suggestion. He couldn't be any worse than Endy Chavez plus his presence would indeed force Jimmy to lay off those high ones. And I'll bet he is available. Brilliant idea.

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