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Friday, July 15, 2005


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Jason, the reason that you see more baseball writing is that baseball has 100 more games per season than hockey. Basbeball happens every single day when there are no other sports in the major 4 happening.

Your points are valid too, though, because I'll beat everyone to the punch by pointing out that the Eagles and their 16-19 games per year get more coverage than hockey. But don't discount game frequency as a factor.

Don't stop doing what you're doing. Utley is a viable candidate for Phils MVP, no matter what commenters say.

There's a facinating quality to hockey that’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s the Canada thing or Soviet thing. Playoff hockey is probably the best live sports experience I've ever witnessed. I saw the five-overtime game in Pittsburgh back in 2000. By the end, I was blind from staring at the ice until 2 a.m.

I used to be big into the Flyers but lost interest for some reason. For a while, I also liked the Red Wings because they were my team in "NHL 93" for Genesis. Yzerman and Federov had speed, so that was my team.

The best hockey writing I've read is the biography of Gordie Howe. I liked how it took you inside one of those old mask-less, 1-0 games from the 50s and 60s. Howe was a real brute back then, and the descriptions of his hits, and cheap hits, were priceless. Gordie Howe had a reputation around hockey for pulling you down and pounding the air from your lungs.

I think all sports have their certain mystiques.

My team in NHL '94 for Genesis (which featured Flyer Dmitri Yuskevich on the splash screen)? The Gretzky-led LA Kings.

To compare other sports, Lieby's recent discovery is another way in which golf and baseball are similar. In both sports, the harder you try to hit the ball, the more you lose distance.

The Kings of "NHL '94," as featured in "Swingers."

Actually, the Kings of NHL '93 was the team made famous by "Swingers." But MY favorite hockey game/movie trivia is that the sounds coming from Brodie's TV in "Mallrats" belong mostly to NHL '94, but Sega offered him money to change the screen shots to those of All Star Hockey.

Sounds like its time to take this battle to the Genesis, pal. Tell me, Jeff, what's your game? Crashing into the net or one-timers?

We talking classic '94? My brothers and I became masters at the unstoppable wraparound. Leaves options for the pass out to the point, a streak across the net, or a pass across the crease to a waiting wingman.

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