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Friday, July 01, 2005


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How many years has Jim Thome been playing? If he can't read the situation and make the right decision, I'd sit him faster than you can say "Get Howard up here now!"

Great post, I absolutely agree about Marzano. Seems like he has an excellent grasp of the game.

Thome must be very desperate, a veteran player like him showing such poor judgement. But yesterday when Lieby had to come in didn't he look prepared? He should've had that guy at the plate on the throw from Chavez in LF.

Bottom line, team has no scrotum. Billy Wagner was right on in the paper today.

Wade must go, bring Hunsicker in as GM and give him a free hand.


Theragtopguy: Howard has been liberated... at least for a couple of weeks. He is starting tonight against the Braves, as Thome has been put on the DL! Woot!!!

Great points, and great blog

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