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Sunday, July 17, 2005


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They let Schmitty managed simply because he asked. Michael Jack gets bored living in Clearwater and decided to give managing a try. There's no surprise he quit after a year, single A is too small for him - he wants to manage in the bigs. He thought he could get some experience in Clearwater and but knew he would never be welcomed in Philly as a manager, not after how Bowa was treated. It was quite a joke that the Phils, a major league ballclub worth hundreds of millions, played along and let him waste a year of their time.

Mathieson, who struggled last year, has pitched better than his record (23 walks, 83 strikeouts, only 4 home runs mostly in a hitter's park)

Good points, guys. As for Mathieson, you're right. I didn't give him enough credit.

If Mathieson has am 83/23 k/bb ratio and has a 4something ERA, he must have a lousy defense behind him.

It was stupid for me to use Mathieson. There are much bigger fish to fry.

I wish the advanced defense numbers were available for minor leagues. I would like to look up Sandoval but all I can find are errors. 29 last season is terrible, but David Bell has a lot and I think he's a good defender.

Clearwater with a 22-68 record is bad. Someone who knows someone says the Phils are high on pitcher Evangelista, who's a Berks County kid.

Thanks, Martin. I didn't list the first and second half totals.

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