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Thursday, July 07, 2005


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Jason: I hesitate to write "terrific post" when the pain is so obvious, but I am going to say it anyway. Terrifc post. The sad part about Lieberthal is that he never wanted to be a leader, but he is expected to lead by virtue of the length of his tenure and the position he plays.

As for Byrd and Endy, well, you are correct that Marlon has never recovered the form of his first year. But Endy Chavez is a very poor excuse for a major league batter. I'd rather see them give some minor leaguer on-the-job training than watch Chavez take his hacks.

The following things need to happen at once:
Ryan Madson moves to the starting rotation.
Padilla moves to the Bullpen.
Aaron Fultz pitches in the situations that Cormier is now pitching, and vice versa.
Wagner is to stop appearing in 5 run games in the 9th inning.
That is all.

Phinally, I have internet access again....Anyway, great great great '96 Cavalier analogy.

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