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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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What does this do for their future with Wolf? I suggested in my post about this that the Phils take a long hard look at Barry Zito for the simple fact that they need a solid lefty, and Zito can (though hasn't of late) be that. But aren't there precedents for a guy coming back from Tommy John stronger than ever?

Tommy John means the Phils will be without the services of Wolf this season and next. Zito has a reputation as damaged goods, but the Phils can't be too picky and he's actually not that bad.

Baseball Prospectus calls Tommy John just another step in a pitcher's progression, so when Wolf comes back, he'll be fine, possibly better.

That's really too bad about Wolf. I'm not one to get too upset about the whole "lack of a lefty" thing, as it only is an issue one day out of 5 anyway. But Qolf looked like he had figured things out.

One wonders if the soreness in his elbow had actually helped his pitching, with less trying to overpower the ball, and relying more on placement.

I fear the likelihood the Phillies will trade Ryan Howard for some starting pitching has just dramatically increased. They must resist.

As I commented on Balls, Sticks & Stuff, Barry Zito, availability notwithstanding, is in the midst of his second straight mediocre year. Why would we give up someone with the bright future of a Ryan Howard to rent a pitcher of diminishing talents?

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