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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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yeah good job in the outfield last night Aboo-boo.....way to be afraid to hit the wall to catch a catchable ball...even Beltran, who got a triple on the play, thought the ball was going to be caught....nope, Boo-boo doesn't want to go hard for it...nice...

oh and that triple....yeah that touched off a 4 run inning for the mets....there is no heart on the team at all.....

You're absolutely right about Fultz over Geary in that situation. Match-ups are important. And it's not a second guess; it was obvious at the time. Abreu definitely screwed up his play, but a) that's not what cost the game, and b) he continues to help more than hurt, every day. Clearly an all-star, Macnow and Eskin mimics and wannabes notwithstanding. Think for yourself, and watch the games.

Bobby is the best outfielder in the NL according to win shares, which includes fielding. If numbers just aren't your thing, feel free to ignore them. I'm glad to see someone pointing out that Chase Utley (who is a great player) also sometimes fails in critical situations.

To me, it isn't that Abreu isn't willing to crash into the wall and make a catch, it's more the fact that he can't figure out where the damn wall is. He looks like a drunk on ice when he gets to the warning track.

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