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Friday, June 10, 2005


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It's interesting to read Jason Stark's piece strongly suggesting the Phils were just as motivated by keeping Urbina out of NY or Miami as they were landing him here. Stark definitely has access and should be taken seriously on such matters. (On the other hand, his useless facts columns are usually just that.) Stark also has very favorable leanings when it comes to his former "team", i.e. the Phils, which means he still probably has good contacts here and is more likely than not to give them the benefit of the doubt. I am certainly persuaded that the Phils pen was in desperate shape. I just cannot bring myself to believe Urbina was the answer.

I'm still worried what kind of deal Schuerholz will make now that Wade has made his.

I'm still favoring the trade, it's just that know that "we" have uncovered a bit more, I'm less impressed with it. I still think it is a good deal though. As for Schuerholz, I would almost guarentee he has something up his sleeve. He always makes a big deal in the offseason, and he always makes a deal in-season. Beware.

I addressed some of the g/f concerns about Oogy here. Short story, if Oogy pitches well, the g/f ratio will not matter very much because 1) Citizens isn't quite the homerdome people think, and 2) Oogy historically allows very few baserunners, mostly do to his high strikeout rate.

I guess I am the odd man out when it comes to Schuerholz, but I think the Braves' magic has finally run its course. Schuerholz has been forced to bring up so many of his youngsters in the last few seasons and trade a few of them, too, to land Hudson, he doesn't really have much to offer any longer.

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