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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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I love this idea. Lately it seems that the Phils have been blowing people out or getting blown out. Wags has started to give up homers in the no-pressure situations, a fact that only suggests a small decline to me. And it would shake Cholly out of his "Urbina then Wagner" formula for closing out a game - ANY game, not just ones that we're winning. I wouldn't want to see him traded within the division only to get good again, but I'd deal with it if it shakes things up.

Isn't Wagner a free agent after this season? If so, he should be traded, but not within the division. My guess is the Yankees would love to have him. If he walks, I expect him to sign with a team as close to his VA home as possible.

Jason,his numbers look good, but they belie his less than stellar performances.

Yup. He's a FA after the season, and you're right. He's been less than stellar, and his numbers have come in many low-pressure situations.

don't the yanks need everything BUT a closer?

The Yankees need a lefty in the pen.

but isn't the Yanks' farm system pretty barren? who would we want for Wagner from them?

Well, now, I guess Mr. Wagner has altered the thinking on the entire topic with his latest pronouncements, eh?

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