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Thursday, June 09, 2005


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I just took a look at Ooogy's WHIP and K/9 so far this year - the latter a decent 10 or so, the former at about 1.20. You really can't complain on this one - yeah, a prospect would've been nice as well, but to be honest I'll take a straightforward bench player as well. We needed the bullpen depth and the infield depth, though a nice luxury, was a luxury. Now all wade needs to do is trade for a couple of inanimate carbon rods and stick 'em in bell's back . . .

Jason, it's just like you to put things in perspective. If Urbina produces, the trade was uncharacteristically timely. My greatest concern is that Wade made the move as much to pre-empt the competition as anything else. And I cannot get over the feeling that superior relief pitchers don't play for six teams in ten years even under today's circumstances.

Good analysis of the trade. Agree with you pretty much across the board. We definitely have a better team now, and it was getting to a crtical point for the bullpen. Now, the bullpen should remain effective, rather than breaking down after the All-Star break like we have seen the past few years.

New to Beerleaguer here...I was initially down on the Polly trade, but logic has prevailed over initial emotional reactions. I'm happy to see your analysis; the numbers you put out are just the ones that I was looking for to justify the trade.

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