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Thursday, June 23, 2005


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"You see, Mr. Manuel, where we come from, double switches and pitch counts mean something. Don't they teach you that out on the farm?"

I really hope you're not defending Manuel with that comment. he hasn't a clue how to handle national league situations ESPECIALLY the double switch....

This is a long critique, so edit and post what you want!

I'm gonna have to disagree with the blame issue. The players are accountable, but the management should be accountable for the players, for they are the ones who brought them in.

Let me analyze what management has brought us to build this team. I can't/won't believe that Ed Wade ever thought that Jon Leiber would/could ever be an ace. If he did, we might as well write off the Phillies until he is gone. He is a 3rd starter at best for almost any team (except the Phillies of course). The team lacks a true leadoff hitter. Oh, I love(d) Kenny Lofton back when he didn't need a walker. Jimmy Rollins, is there a mirage of walks that has the Phillies continue to try and put him at the top of the order?, where he doesn't belong. Don't get me wrong, I like J-Roll, but let's not make him what he is not. Who should we blame for Mike Leiberthal? Everyone knows that a catcher wears more than any other player, which is why you have to watch what amount of money, and the length of a contract you give them. Bobby Abreu, oh yes the golden trade. Let's not ask him to hold on at first base so Thome can swing the bat towards a somewhat open infield, then again do we want him (Thome) swinging this year?? Management has to cut down on the big swingers and bring some guys in here that can play some small ball.

I do agree with you that the biggest problem is pitching, but you must agree that it is the General Manager's job to acquire this pitching. This they have not done. Tell me who on the Braves has remained there during their entire run at winning the NL East. Mainly it has been pitchers that fueled the Braves engine. They also have the knowledge to recognize when a pitcher is on his way out. The Phillies have to learn to spend their money where it counts. (Pitching)

Again not enough small ballers on this team. We have to lose some of the big swingers. Lose Bobby Abreu. why? he is not a team player, but can be used to bring in some talent. Find a player who can/will do what it takes to get on base. (a Juan Pierre clone) Find a young catcher who can take the heavy load of catching and make Mike a backup. I know he is expensive, but he is not helping on the field. He may be more productive as a part time player. Lose David Bell, very low production from what is suppposed to be considered half of the "power corners" of baseball. Again nothing against K. Lofton, but we need a true nuiscance at first base to aggravate the opposing pitchers. Thome just needs to keep swinging and hopefully he will come around. (always was a slow starter and the injury doesn't help) besides we are stuck with him. Pat the Bat is a work in progress, but you can afford a player like this if the rest of your team is sound. Love the Utley!

Finally the main solution which will help with all other solutions, is to lose the management. They may be nice, but they don't know baseball like a person in that position should. When you are in the hunt before the trade deadline and you don't make any significant moves to make your team better, you might as well not make any moves at all.

My Phillies batting order if I had to create it for the next game...
1. Bobby Abreu (let him swing, run, or whatever he wants because he'll do it anyway)
2. Kenny L. (because everyone else strikes out, so maybe he can help move Bobby around the bases)
3. Chase. (He will bring Bobby in if he hasn't stolen home yet)
4. Thome (Show him we have confidence in him... YOU CAN DO IT!)
5. Burrel (give Jim a little protection)
6. Rollins (J-Roll can concentrate on hitting and what he is really on the team for D-FENSE, without worrying about walking or getting on base)
7. Dave Bell (because where else do you put him?)
8. Leiby (temporary fix till the young stud gets here)


Philthy Phil.

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