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Thursday, June 30, 2005


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I am ready for Howard to play in PHL. It is much too difficult watching Thome swing and miss, and miss pitches by several inches.

Painful indeed. He is overswinging on virtually every pitch and, worse, he is swinging late. He just can't seem to catch up with fastballs these days. His decline has been unexpectedly rapid. Maybe Charlie Manuel sees something the rest of us cannot when he watches Thome take BP, but in game situations the big guy is starting to look over anxious and over-matched.

Suddenly, at 2PM on some sweltering day, the story will break that Ryan Howard has been traded. I can feel it coming.

Yes, but Ed Wade will not be given the Order of Lenin if he scuttles this ship.

At this point Ed Wade would be lucky to be given his order at Pat's Steaks if he showed he face.

his face, not he face

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