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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


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Nice post. You make some good points. Have any of the Phillies ever pointed at themselves? I feel like a good deal of the fan frustration comes out of the appearance that the Phillies, be it the organization or the players, are always looking outside to pinpoint the problems.

I'd vote management is problem number 1 and "not caring" or lack of leadership 1a.

Remember back in 1980 when Dallas Green told the players to look in the mirror? I think the same thing applies here. Some of the players wear their passion on their sleeves (Utley, Michaels). That's what we fans respond to.

Another excellent post, Dude. I love your blog.

Jason: I think the players for the most part are playing hard and want to win. I just don't think you can have holes at first base, third base, behind the plate, on the pitcher's mound or in the bullpen and expect to win much more than you lose.

Did you call Michael Moore a boob?

This was a tough article to write (more of an exercise I think) and I worried about sounding like I didn't think the players care.

I think they mostly play hard, too, but I also think most players at this level wouldn't be there if they didn't have some amount of drive. The general manager also has a stake in this because he has to put the best possible product on the field, as does the manager.

From game to game, however, I think most teams match up pretty well, in spite of payroll. With the players I listed above, it's disappointing they aren't playing better, and haven't been better the last three years or more. We're not talking about rookies here, either.

There's certainly lots of blame to go around, but this year I'm putting most of the responsibility on the players. It's time for these vets to do it.

Hey! Hey! Abreu starting the all-star game!

The way they played tonight, the lack of heart really showed. After the Mets had that big inning, they just basically stuck their butts in the air to be abused. J-Mike gets drilled in the ribs twice, no retaliation. I'm totally disgusted with these guys.

Yeah, Bowa was the problem all right.

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